Top 5 Qs answered about selling your home to a cash buyer

  1. What does it mean to sell your home to a cash buyer?

Your house is being sold to a buyer who can afford to pay for the house with cash instead of taking out a mortgage. The payment is typically made in the form of a bank draft or cashier’s cheque. Usually this kind of buyer is willing to buy your house “as is”.

  1. What does it mean to sell your house “as is”?
A kitchen in “as is” condition


Your house is being sold – quickly and easily – without the need for repairs or updates. Therefore, it is not in perfect condition nor does it need to be staged. This provides convenience and ease for you to sell your home.



  1. How long is this process, to sell to a cash buyer?

Given there are zero contingencies – no mortgage approvals to worry about, no need to wait for updates to your home – the buyers can close as quickly as just a couple of days if you want them to.

  1. Why is it advantageous to sell your house to a cash buyer?
  • There is no appraisal or loan contingency to deal with, so your home can close faster.
  • You can leave your home just how it is, with no updates or repairs required.
  • You will save so much time.
  1. Who is a cash buyer?

These are registered businesses – investment companies that are experts in buying and selling properties. It is advised that you search and verify the credibility of the company by doing some online research and reading customer reviews and testimonials.


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