Tips to Downsize Painlessly

Author: Mike Longsdon You accumulate a lot of “stuff” throughout your life—momentos, gifts, drawers and boxes of things to keep “just in case”—and when you’re preparing to move to a smaller home, you’re faced with deciding what to do with it all. Reducing your possessions will make life more manageable for yourself and those helping you, … Continued

5 Steps To Easily Sell Your House in Austin

Are you thinking about selling a house in Austin Texas? You have many options when it is time to sell your house. If you choose to go the traditional route, follow the steps below! Or if you would prefer to get a direct offer on your property almost immediately, give Texas Fair Offers a call today! … Continued

Top Tools For Home Sellers in Texas

If you have decided to sell your house in Austin, the process might seem a bit cumbersome. However, it doesn’t have to be! In our latest post, we explore some of the top tools and strategies for home sellers in Texas. Create A Virtual Tour People love being able to get a feel for the … Continued

Your Selling Checklist: The Complete Guide

Let’s make selling your house easy  From valuing your property and preparing it for viewings, right through to exchanging contracts and completion; this selling checklist will walk you through the many processes associated with selling your home and provide you with tips on how to execute them successfully. VALUE YOUR PROPERTY If you have made the decision … Continued

What budget do I need to sell my house?

You made the choice to sell your house privately and you now need to determine the costs involved. You ask yourself, “what should I budget to sell my house on my own in Austin?” The answer may surprise you. It is true that home prices are rising in quite a few markets nationwide. It may … Continued